WE have on stock "Siemens" "Fanuc" Heidenhain - New and Obsolete Spare parts- Controls. Drives. Cards. Encoders. Contact us via mail with your Desired part number.

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CNCDUBAI.COM- Spares Parts for your Automated Machinery

CNC, PLC Complete Controls... Spare Boards.. Servo Motors, Drives, Encoders...and more

Sinumerik 840Di Digital >Parts Available Off the shelf via our Dubai/Delhi office and through our Various Associates

for Dubai;Sharjah;AbuDhabi;Oman;Bahrain:Kuwait;Qatar;SaudiArabia; Jordan; Lebnon; Syria;Libya; Egypt; Middle east & Africa;

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MLFB part numberSmall DescriptionORDER CONTACT
6FC5211-0BA01-0AA4A5E00182929 ADI4Contact/ Email us
6FC5222-0AA01-1AA0ADV. PROCESS. 6FC5251-0AF10-0AA0 SW-OPTContact/ Email us
6FC5222-0AB00-0AA0ADV. PROCESS.2 6FC5251-0AF11-0AA0 SW-OPTContact/ Email us
6FC5251-0AF10-0AA0SYSTEMSOFT UPD. 840DI 6FC5258-1AX00-1AG3Contact/ Email us
6FC5251-0AF11-0AA0VNCK LINK 6FC5261-0AX30-0AB0Contact/ Email us
6FC5258-0AX00-0AF0VNCK BASIC PACKAGE 6FC5261-1AX00-6AG0Contact/ Email us
6FC5258-0AX00-0AG2VNCK LICENCE 6FC5261-1AY04-5AB0Contact/ Email us
6FC5258-1AX00-1AF0VNCK LICENSE 6FC5261-1AX05-5AB0Contact/ Email us
6FC5258-1AX00-1AG3VNCK LICENSE 6FC5261-1AX05-6AB0Contact/ Email us
6FC5261-0AX30-0AB0VNCK LIZENZ 6FC5261-1AX15-5AB0Contact/ Email us
6FC5261-1AX00-6AG0VNCK LICENSE 6FC5261-1AX15-6AB0Contact/ Email us
6FC5261-1AX04-5AB0VNCK SOFTWARE-CD 6FC5261-1AY00-6AG0Contact/ Email us
6FC5261-1AX05-5AB0VNCK LIZENZ 6FC5261-1AY04-6AB0Contact/ Email us
6FC5261-1AX05-6AB0VNCK BASIC PACKAGE 6FC5261-2AX00-1AG0Contact/ Email us
6FC5261-1AX15-5AB0VNCK LICENSE 6FC5261-2AX05-1AB0Contact/ Email us
6FC5261-1AX15-6AB0VNCK LICENSE 6FC5261-2AX15-1AB0Contact/ Email us
6FC5261-1AY00-6AG0VNCK LICENSE 6FC5261-2AY04-1AB0Contact/ Email us
6FC5261-1AY04-6AB0SINUMERIK 840DIContact/ Email us
6FC5261-2AX00-1AG0SINUMERIK 840DIContact/ Email us
6FC5261-2AX05-1AB0SINUMERIK 840DIContact/ Email us
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